Starts at just $5.00

What more could you ask for? I'll send you the video in .MOV or an Mp4 in 1080 HD format. Within a 48 hour time frame or it will be free”

Quick and Easy Professional Video Promos

Turn around time 24 to 48 hours

I can create you a quick video promo for you to use on your social media sites for just 5 bucks. They are straight and to the point but most of all they're pretty cool. For an extra $10.00 I'll add in a voice over. If you want to use your own music I'll edit it in for just another ten dollars. That would be a package deal for $25.00 if you choose to do so. Simply fill out the form below, send your material to and wait for your delivery. If you don't receive it within 48 hours You'll get your money back and you can keep the promo. Sounds fair enough to me. 

Upload your material to  Mp3's and Logos or photos you'd like to use. Jpegs are ok but a vector PNG file is better.

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